Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Word association tennis: Fun Communication Game for the First Date

The game is an interesting ice breaker for the first date, helping to create the proper rapport between the complete strangers, pulling them out of their comfort zones to the unfamiliar territory, and instantly making them more comfortable together.


Person A picks a word, any word. Person B responds with any word that he or she personally associates with the first word. This goes back and forth quickly, stopping when either person is curious about the association that the other person just made.

You are getting to know the person really fast by seeing the reaction and association, and allowing to test the common interests, traits, and capabilities much faster and in depth, rather than in the course of the conventional conversation. Due to inability to make homework for each game turn, you may observe the person’s (and the show yours as well) unexpected sides and characteristics, helping to consider your compatibility in a fast a reliable matter.


Try to be careful, getting to the unsafe territory of too deep private inquiries on the first date. Move slowly and monitor the feedback to get to the point of “enough is enough” without alerting or event alienating your date.

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