Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Love Or Not? Compatibility Test

Have you ever been in a restaurant and seen someone you would love to chat with? However, they are with a group of people at a table, and you hesitate to just walk up to the table, turn to one person and say, "I'd like to talk to you." Now you can with the LoveOrNot app.

The LoveOrNot app shows you the people who are within one hundred meters of your current location. You will not be shown a list of people who are farther than 100 meters from you. And, once a person moves to more than one hundred meters of your current location they are no longer shown in the app.

The LoveOrNot app makes you feel as if you are at a dance, where you can dance and chat with multiple people all within the time span of the dance.

The LoveOrNot app allows you to choose who you want to chat with, using one of the most powerful insights into a person's personality and lifestyle, how they move. How they laugh, smile, sit, and walk can tell you about how that person exercises, sleeps, works, thinks, and lives. Seeing how they move quickly tells you more about a person than any profile or set of questions could. It is as if you had a first date, without even making one.

This is not a conventional dating app. You do not have to input your age, weight, and height, or write a profile about who you are and what you like. To help break the ice, there are 10 silly questions to answer that gauge your personality. Then the people you see will have a colored outline around their picture indicating how compatible they are to you. That is it; the app needs no more information from you, because you are already using your eyes and your mind to pick out, who you would like to talk to. This app also allows you to maintain your privacy, as the only thing shown to others about you is your picture, and your body already moves your picture around town every day.

Every day we see people we would like to walk up to and meet but do not, because it is not polite. Instead, we go on the internet and filter through tens of thousands of people based on physical characteristics. However, maybe our true match is slightly taller, slightly younger, than the list of criteria we have entered? We would never meet them with the usual internet based approach, even though they may be in the same room with us right now. One of the best predictors of how successful a relationship will be is, how close do you live to the other person? Doesn't it make sense that people with the same interests would live near each other? Now with the LoveOrNot app, you can chat with the people you see that are right next to you.


Cost: $1.99

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