Saturday, March 18, 2017

Draw a Mountain Personality Test

On a blank piece of paper, tell each student to draw a mountain scene. It should include a mountain, a road or path, some trees and any other details. 

Here’s a quick guide for interpreting the drawings:

The mountain itself:
• If your mountain keeps climbing higher and higher, without an end in sight, you tend to be self-driven and self-motivated.
• If it goes up, stops at a level peak, such as a butte, your friends rely on you greatly.
• If your mountain goes straight up, peaks and then and straight down, like a triangle, you are a multi-tasking person who is not disappointed easily with failure.

The road or path:
• If your road goes straight through the mountain, you are a direct, to-the-point person.
• If your road turns around the mountain repeatedly, then you are a cautious person.
• If your road travels straight across one side of the mountain, then you are a peaceful person who sees the world with calm and serene eyes.

The trees:
• If your trees show great detail, with lots of leaves and branches, you are creative.
• If your trees contain fruit, you are a daydreamer who seeks out adventure.
• If your trees are simple twigs with leaves on them, you are a person who enjoys following the rules of life, and you are precise in your actions.

The sky:
• If you put a sun in your picture, you are a sunny person.
• If it is nighttime, you are full of ambition and optimism.
• If it is raining, you are a person who is prone to lethargy and possibly depression.

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