Sunday, December 15, 2013

Personality Evaluation Program (PEP) by Drew Software

The Personality Evaluation Program (PEP) was originally developed for the corporate environment to help better matching for the employees and job functions and planning for the better cooperation in the functional teams. However, PEP might be equally useful for personal use.

Consider the following potential advantages:
* Understand your mate: The divorce rate in the United States has jumped from thirty to fifty percent since the 1960s. In our fast-paced, information-oriented society, people often lose the ability to communicate. PEP helps open up the barriers that are often established out of self-defense and helps people to better understand one another. PEP is so effective that it has literally helped save marriages.
* Assists in Job Hunting and Evaluation: The features in PEP can assist you in your job search by identifying jobs that are likely to match your personality. It can also assist you in evaluating your current job to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses. This will help you evaluate whether or not to remain in your current position and if so, how to achieve greater production and job satisfaction. The employment features in PEP can prove to be a real asset in the home and personal environment!
* PEP and budding relationships: PEP can also help those dating to enhance their relationship and know one another better. In fact, PEP can actually help you find the right mate. What kind of traits would you like to have in a spouse? PEP is designed to help you identify those traits so that you better know what to look for in that "significant other".

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PEP Main Features

1. PEP is amazingly accurate. There are many personality evaluation programs on the market. But most programs produce results that are questionable at best and often ludicrous... "good for a laugh". PEP is accurate... so much so that people often are left speechless when they read the reports; they simply cannot believe that a simple computer program could "peg" them so accurately!

2. EASE OF USE. If PEP were lengthy and time consuming, its value would be greatly diminished. Many programs are difficult to comprehend and time-consuming in operation, taking 20, 40, 60 minutes or longer. Imagine trying to use such a system on 150 applicants! PEP's short response form can be completed in less than two minutes and the full report produced in 60 seconds (depending on the speed of your printer). The screen-based report can be produced even more quickly.

3. PEP produces POSITIVE reports. It doesn't pull skeletons out of a closet. This basic concept makes employees both eager to take the evaluation (especially once they have seen someone else's report) and positive in response to the report once they read it. PEP is designed to enhance employee relations, not threaten them.

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Download instructions

1. When downloaded, click the INSTALL button and ignore the REGISTER button. You do not need a registration code to operate the free version. The registration code is for paid users installing the PEP Advance version.

2. OPEN the file once it's downloaded and follow the instructions. If you get an error upon trying to open it, instead: Switch to the folder where you stored the download, then click on PEPprog.exe.

Using PEP

PEP response forms consist of 40 terms, to which people respond in levels of 1-5 (1 not
at all, 5 very much). Example: Urgent no 1 2 3 4 5 yes

The respondent (person taking the PEP survey) fills out a few simple forms. They are quick and easy to complete, without negative or invasive questions to put the respondent on guard. PEP is a positive analysis system. There is nothing that is intimidating about the survey method.

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Try to By

You may examine the basic version of PEP free of charge to convince you of its incredible accuracy and value. When you order the registered version of PEP, you receive the extra power and benefits of the full version. Business use requires the registered version. Registration eliminates the advertising screens, provides advanced features, and free tech support.

Developer: Drew Software

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Operating Systems: Supports Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7 & Win 8.

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