Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cow Personality Test – Designed by UC Berkeley psychologists

Yes, this test was designed by UC Berkeley scientists, but do not expect it to be anything more than a cool entertainment in a good company, or efficient icebreaker at your first date. Still, it is easy to do, it is fast, and it is fun!

Please take one sheet of blank white paper, and draw a picture of a cow. You may use up to one minute to complete the task, but not any longer. As the task is completed, collect the drawings from all participants, and start the deep psychological interpretation, following the enclosed guidelines.


Look at the submitted drawings of the cow. The specific details of the cows provide a great deal of insight into the people personality and traits. Read on to assess your personality, based on the following components, present (or missing) on the pictures:

* Tail

- If there is no tail on the picture
You pay little attention to the details. You may day dreaming a lot and have a well-developed imagination. You are full of dreams, ideas, and long term plans, occasionally, not practical and not realistic.

- If the cow has a tail
You are very methodical in your approach to life. You take great care in most tasks and mostly attentive to the minor details. You tend to be a perfectionist. You may be a perfectionist as extreme appearance, or simply a detail-oriented person.

* Size of the cow

- If the cow occupies at least 50% of the page
You are loud, extraverted, and the life of the party.

- If the cow occupies about 25-50% of the page
You go with the flow. You can be reserved or assert yourself as necessary.

- If the cow occupies less than 25% of the page
You are quite introverted. You would rather blend in, and let others attract attention.

* Presence of udders

- If there are udders on the picture
You are secure in your attachment to at least one of your parents. You are the nurturing type. A natural caregiver, you are a loving person who may develop and sustain multiple close and deep relationships.

- If there are no udders on the picture
You may have had a strained relationship with your parents, resulting in insecure attachment. You do not have a natural affinity towards children and care giving, and you may need substantial efforts to achieve secure and stable relationships.          

* Size of the ears

- If there are large ears
You are a good listener. You are sensitive and empathize with others.

- If there are small ears: You may be an egocentric person in particular ways. You may be able to put yourself in other’s shoes and listen to others, but you may need to apply efforts for the task, and you often think about yourself first.

- If there are no ears
In most cases, you tend not to listen others, and to often you ignore their advices and recommendations. You know well what is best for you and for others.

* Shape of the legs

- If the cow has bent legs
You are quite flexible in your work schedule and life in general. If life throws you a curveball, you easily adjust.

- If the cow has straight legs
You are fairly rigid and have a set path you are trying to follow for your life. You handle distractions and rarely stray from your goals.

- If your cow has no legs
You have no set path in life. You are imaginative and you live with your head in the clouds. Little seems impossible to achieve.

* Size of the head

- If the head is at least 25% the size of the body
You are extremely rational, and think more with your head than your heart. You are good at solving problems, and take great pride in this.

- If the head is less than 25% of the size of the body
You wear your heart on your sleeve. For better or worse, you let your heart guide your decisions. You don’t always make the best decision, but you tend to be happy regardless.

* Presence of horns:

- If the cow has horns
You tend to be quick tempered. You are aggressive and easily irritated. You make quick decisions.

- if the cow has no horns
You are often passive in different situations. You prefer to let the situation play out, than to take direct action. You prefer to go with the flow.

* Presence of spots

- If there are spots on the skin
You are satisfied with your life. You may feel like you can still grow, but for your age, you are comfortable with your accomplishments.

- If there are no spots on the skin
You feel like there may be something missing in your life. You are always yearning, always striving for something greater and more meaningful.

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