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10 Secrets of what you should wear to be more attractive

What to wear, what to wear… it’s date night and you’re standing in front of your closet trying to make a decision. The clock is ticking and your mind is engaged in rapid-fire hypotheticals: “What if I wear my dark dressy jeans and that cream colored sweater?” “What about that shirt with the cute ruffles?”  “Is a button-down really not a dress shirt?” Caught in the fashion dilemma, we can turn to psychological research and gain insight into the choices we make, the process of deciding, and the impressions we create when we wear what we wear on date night.

1. Looking for love? Try red

You know that song “Lady in Red”? Recent evidence suggests men have a powerful response to women wearing red, seeing them as more attractive and sexually desirable than if they wear other colors. The seductive effect of red has been documented for not only American men, but men from around the world suggesting it may be a global, culturally-universal phenomenon. Because red works its enchanting effects outside of conscious awareness, adding red to your date-night fashion is an easy way to help capture the attention of a desirable partner.

2. Not into red? Try black

Is black the new red? Maybe! Both men and women perceive members of the opposite sex as more attractive when they wear red or black, as compared to green or yellow or white. The effect of wearing black may be not only in the eye of the beholder, but also the wearer. Photos of men wearing black shirts were still seen as more attractive than when they wore other colors (e.g., yellow) even after the experimenters digitally removed shirt color from the photo. How you feel in your clothing may be half the story when it comes to how others perceive you.

3. What about other colors?

Scientist has also discovered that most women are attracted to men wearing the color blue.  Guys who frequently wear blue are stable, faithful, constant and always there. The blue guy is a fantastic candidate for a long-term relationship - someone who's dependable, monogamous and can match his own clothes.

Women, wearing a pink- peach make themselves most approachable.  The color is very flattering to most skin tones, it gives you healthy glow, projecting a little vulnerability which brings out something protective in men.

Want to wear a color that weeds out guys who can't handle strong women?  Try a deep red, burgundy or plum. Men who aren't attracted to strong women will steer clear.

4. Let your clothes do the talking

Going on a first date? When asking yourself what you should wear, maybe you should ask what kind impression you want to make. Subtle differences in attire, such as wearing an off-the-rack or a made-to-measure suit, can influence impressions of confidence, success, and flexibility. A dressier or a more artsy style of clothing can generate impressions of greater intelligence as compared to more casual styles or wearing sweatshirts, but a dressy style might also communicate uneasiness in social situations or a tendency to depend on others. More conservative styles may communicate self-control, reliability, and understanding, while more daring styles can be more attractive, suggesting that the person is unique and interesting.

5. Don’t forget your shoes

New evidence shows that people form ideas about other peoples’ personalities based on the shoes that they wear. When asked to guess owners’ personalities based only on their shoes, different observers often infer the same personality from any given shoe. They tend to think shiny shoes convey anxiety, pointy shoes suggest less agreeableness, and higher heels or pointy shoes signal less emotional stability. But are these impressions accurate? In some cases, observers tend to be good at guessing strangers’ anxiety and agreeableness based only on their shoes.

6. Show some skin… or not?

Factors outside of our awareness can influence our clothing choices. For example, on any given day, women’s fashion interests seem to reflect their reproductive viability. Unlike for many species, the exact timing of female ovulation for humans is concealed, hidden from easy observation. However, recent evidence suggests that the kinds of outfits women would want to wear to a social gathering are linked to their ovulation. Women prefer more revealing clothing during periods of peak fertility, particularly if they are single, sexually experienced, or in a relationship but also very happy in that relationship.

7. Expose your wrists

No, not because they’re attractive but because the glands in your wrists emit pheromones which can trigger feelings of attraction in others.

8. Ruffles, lace, and that cute necklace

In the same way that women have a natural inclination towards revealing clothing during the peak fertility, they also dress more fashionably as a function of their cycle. A recent study took photographs of women during different stages in their cycle. Judges picked out the photo in which the person looked like they were trying to be attractive, and it turns out, judges tended to pick the photo that happened to be taken when the woman was most fertile. During peak fertility women seem to unconsciously adorn themselves in more attractive and fashionable clothing.

9. Dress with care

It may matter less what you wear, and more how you wear it. Bringing care to how you look is linked to perceptions of attractiveness. People respond more positively to those who are well-groomed and have a neat and clean presentation. They feel more pleasure in the presence of those who bring care to their appearance and feel more attentive and alert. The lesson here is that taking good care of yourself sends a positive message, regardless of which outfit you end up choosing.

10. But don’t be obsessed with your appearance

Put as much effort into your appearance as you want before you go out, but when you’re around people, focus your energy on making solid conversation instead of running to bathroom to brush your hair, reapply your lipstick, or check the mirror every five minutes. Overt vanity is not sexy.

What People Say?

Scientists are scientists. They tell you that these are the scientifically identified trends, but you rarely can assess what kind of the scientific research was done to get such assessment. Let’s hear what people say, too….

Some quotes what Men are saying about women attire and general look:

In my mind, logo overload screams: “Let’s go shopping!” Many women carry their LV totes, Hermès Birkins or Chanel chain-bags like part of their anatomy. But there is nothing less appealing than having an oversized designer name splayed across your chest or hooked pretentiously on your arm. Men interpret a woman’s need to announce the ‘fabulousness’ of her stuff as “insecurity or plain ugly shallowness”. When man notices designer tags on a woman, he may personally worry about the credit card balance should they actually get together. If the only gift he can afford from her favorite label is a key chain, her birthday isn’t going to be any fun for either of them.

Most men believe that sky-high heels suggest a woman is “high-maintenance”.  Women tell that stilettos make them feel powerful and emboldened. But when you teeter on your tiptoes with only a thin six-inch bar to balance on, it begs the question: How much fun can you be having standing in one place looking, yes, va-va-voom — but precariously balanced? The man may be worry: “Is she going to twist her ankle, and am I going to have to spend all night with her in the emergency room?”

Revealing clothes announce to me that a woman might wear sequin capris to my uncle’s funeral! Don’t get me wrong, I find sexy clothes appealing — but the environment and context is all-important. If a prospective date dresses in a Pampers-sized mini for a business banquet with my work colleagues, I would wonder about her judgment and imagine myself needing to cover her up at a prospective dinner with my family. Yes, that vamp in the Guess ads looks hot in her cropped cowboy shirt and super-tight jeans. But she also looks like she might run off with the photographer!

Some quote of what Women are saying about men attire and general look:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most women don't find vests sexy on men unless it's part of a full very well-fitting suit. Vests have a stigma of foreign uncle or nerdy teenager. And a leather or somewhat embellished bedazzled vest? Well I can't with all of that. At some point last fall, every VH1 reality star had some sort of vest, fatigue, denim, patched, bedazzled, studded, distressed, fringe, goose down. If you're not a middle aged man in a bike gang or a teenage runaway on St. Marks, please leave them alone.

Men have seemingly become intrigued by the mysteries that lay inside a woman’s purse, when they decided they needed some of their own. Women have a lot of reasons to carry a purse – a girl might need hand lotion, make up, or feminine hygiene products while she’s on the run. But we’re left wondering, which of these men feel the need to carry around a handbag? Women don’t want to date a man whose Gucci bag costs more than her own and would rather a down-to-earth dude, who simply has a wallet and keys in his pocket. And if you need to carry a laptop and papers for work or school, women would prefer if you invest in a classic backpack or briefcase, not a murse.

The number one men’s fashion trend that women can’t stand is shorts that end far above the knee. This style was resurrected from the jorts of the 80s, but women wish it would stay in the past. A good pair of legs on a man is always appreciated by a woman, but that doesn’t mean she wants to see your thighs sticking to the seat next to her on the subway. For a long time, short shorts have been reserved for females alone, and if this new silhouette wants to become generally accepted for men, it’s going to take a few more years. Kudos to the male trendsetters out there, but don’t expect your bravery to make women swoon.

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