Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Facet –Free Speed Dating App

 Still dating?


You have a new Online Speed Dating app Facet, allowing to enjoy new dates every night from 8pm till 8:30pm YOUR Local Time starting 3/23/2021. Mobile app is available for both Android and Apple platform.


1) Camera, Microphone or Location are not working:

For iPhone: go to Settings -> Facet, make sure that the Camera, Microphone and Location are on

For Android: go to Settings -> Applications -> Application manager -> Facet -> Permissions, make sure that the Camera, Microphone and Location are on

2) Can't find matches:

a) Expand your search criteria in Facet's preferences screen

b) Try to close the app and open it again

 Tips for success:

1) iPhone users - we are encouraging you to click Accept on your date offers, getting out of your comfort zone is a key for success!

 2) Every speed date lasts 3 minutes, there is a countdown animation at the bottom right of the screen, take a look at that from time to time so you will know when the conversation is about the over - see the screenshot below.

 3) Drive a conversation - at the bottom of the screen you will see 2 personal interests that you and your date have in common, these are good topics to discuss! - see the screenshot below.

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